Lets talk it out?

Why don’t guys like to talk?

Ladies, this was a question among many I got hit with last night that I actually am considering turning into a YouTube video, “why do guys…” but lets dive into the question at hand. Why don’t guys like to talk it out? Okay now obviously I’m answering this from a female point of view- but I don’t exactly think like a typical female so here’s my take.

1) Girls, flat out, we tend to talk too much! Guys get to the point find a solution and keep it moving, we as females, gotta know the how, when, where, why, who, too much!! Ladies, sometimes you get side tracked, all he asked was what movie you wanted to see, now how you ended up talking about the actors, what theater, what to wear, what time, blah blah blah, was not the question. That’s why guys don’t wanna talk, simple questions require simple answers sometimes.

2) You don’t wanna hear the truth. I told you before sometimes the filter between a man’s brain and mouth shuts off and just about anything will fly out, mostly harsh realities. A man doesn’t want to talk because he knows with the million questions you ask he is bound to tell how he really feel and you’ll get upset. You can get your girls when you just want someone to agree with you, but that’s not what guys do.

3) Too many emotions! Girls conversation is an emotional thing for you, ya get all worked up and tied to what you’re talking about. Men… well not so much, not to say the topic isn’t important (to you) but depending on the guy, it really isn’t that big of a deal to him. Also, from an early age, boys are generally taught not to show emotion, that its a weak characteristic, so it’s not completely their fault, they’re conditioned at an early age to turn that off.

OK so there it is, now like I mentioned I’m gonna do the “Why do/don’t guys” (not sure if it’ll be a video or not yet) so hit me with all the questions you want to ask the guys, I’ll answer some and I have a panel of great (but brutally honest) guys that will participate.

email: forgotyourcommonsense@gmail.com

twitter: @4gotcommonsense & @xclusivelyshar


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  1. Apimpnamedslickback July 10, 2013 — 2:46 PM

    So in other words, quit “ASKING ALL THEM QUESTIONS” because “SHE RATCHET!”

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