Mind the business that pays you

If no one else ever tells you- it pays to mind your own business. Minding your business even means sitting on the sidelines watching. You be so caught up watching the show, you fail to realize your own world has started to burn down. Energy tends to transfer, so bad things will be around a person, then you’re around that person, so bad things just start to happen to you and your life.

We see people’s lives getting ready to fall apart, and we are so nosy that we get close to the situation just so we can have a front-row seat, and when karma comes knocking sh*t over, you get hit too, simply because you were too close.

To the people with their own personal agenda, who wants to help make sure karma gets another person… while you’re there being fake, helping the person dog their grave, sometimes you dig a hole big enough for 2 people… Karma/God/ The Universe does not need your help.

A lesson I’ve learned “If you can’t be loving, be nothing”. You don’t always need an active role of involvement. Sometimes “nothing” is simply the safe zone, nothing keeps the microscope off of you, nothing keeps bad energy from entering into your space. It may seem selfish but sometimes what weighs you down was never yours to carry, let it go- stay out of it and focus on you.


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