fight or flight

When it comes to men and relationships, its pretty simple, flight or flight, sink or swim, to be or not to be- you get the point. A guy is either all in, or not at all. Ladies, men are not as complex as we make them.

If a man really likes you and wants to be with you- HE WILL. Despite your crap, family, past or whatever. Now you may not always be the only one… *sorry* but he did still choose to be with you. When he is ready for you to be the only one-you will be! See how simple this is. Couples fight and grow apart, among other things but know, when a man wants you he’ll be there. This is in no way to be confused with you abusing him, testing him and disrespecting him because he’ll stay. No man is gonna put up with ish he doesn’t have to,you poke a bear enough and it will snap. He may want to be with you, but his life still goes on without you. Just because a man leaves it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care, just means at that point he cared about himself and his well being more, you compliment his life, not complete it and you damn sure aren’t to complicate it!

When a man is ready to leave, simply had enough, there is NOTHING that will make him stay! Nothing! Now you birds can go around all you want thinking “its complicated” but the reality is, its not that hard. I don’t know how many time I have to say it, men. are. simple! They either stay or go, up or down, left or right, yes or no, there are no in between areas, which is a whooooole lot different than a female, but girls you need to learn to save yourself some embarrassment and when a guy has made up in his mind to be gone, just let him go.


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  1. Welllllll there is something… Heh heh heh

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