just give it up already

Okay, this is a tad bit harsh, and I don’t want to crush anyone’s dreams, but this needs to be said. There comes a point in time where some people need to reconsider these dreams & lifestyles. If you have been doing the same thing more than 5 years & you haven’t made significant strides towards success you really need to consider whats going wrong, & maybe re-evaluate whatever it is you’re pursuing.

If you have been “rapping” since you were a teenager & you’re now 30+… *side eye* come on now, at what point do you take the L and find what you’re really suppose to be doing in life.The closest thing to a studio you’ve gotten is that makeshift room in someone’s house.  At the point in which you have kids, your priorities have to change and put their needs first, I’m not saying don’t still follow your dreams but make sure its after, the kids are taken care of.

Believe me, I understand not being sure what it is you’re suppose to be doing in life, I have a degree, went through 3 majors & this blog lead me back to the major I graduated high school with; journalism, something I didn’t think about in college. The difference there is, when I saw something not working I was okay pulling myself back to find another path I was interested in, and what felt natural. If something is suppose to be for you, it will unlock with ease, you’ll feel great and at peace with every decision involving it. When something is not for you, you’ll know because it won’t happen, and you’ll find you have to “grind” way too hard, too much, when something is yours things will require work but will fit right in without being forced, you never have to ask to place yourself into a life that was meant for you.

I’ve seen people spend countless amounts of time and money on something that is taking them no where!! When does enough become enough? Now, some of you are being tricked, you have an “entourage” that keeps telling you you’re hot, talented & giving you impressions you’re more successful than you really are. I dare you to tell these same people that are hyping you up, that you’re quitting, see how many stick around.

Why did you want to pursue this dream?  Whats the worse that will happen if you never reach that goal? (its possible) Some of you are so busy dreaming and imaging what you think your life is or what you want it to be, you are missing what it actually is!



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  1. It is healthy to dream and imagine what and where you want your life to be. The unhealthy part is living in a dream and not realizing you have to face reality to reach your dream.
    The yes/hype man…..you should wonder why this person is in your life. This may either be the person that believed in you as long as you believe in yourself. OR, they enjoy watching you make a fool of yourself and may be secretlyThe talking behind your back.

  2. People get caught up pursuing a dream not meant for them because they are too bust measuring their success to others. Once you realize your journey is your own and not comparable to others visions will come and doors will open.

  3. 3rdLegKickStand June 28, 2013 — 5:46 AM

    Hmmm. Well for starters, you guys are mean! But I feel like you should never “just give it up.” Chasing dreams is good. It helps you stay “rooted.” I sy chase those dreams until the day you die. Its like living by your convictions. Now don’t get me wrong, you should not let your dream become your obsession, that’s when things become unhealthy. One should be able to decide if chasing that dream will harm their reality. If so, cut back some. But never give it up. Also evaluate yourself harshly, no one should be able to judge you harder than you do yourself. That way if you are happy with what you birth anyone else’s opinion doesn’t matter. Lol hey if I wanted to be a rapper and didn’t make it, I’ll be 80 still rapping (but for self fulfillment)

    Anyways, when everyone says give up, tell them “give up on me giving up.” PEACE

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