Oh, you’ve changed…

Acting funny, brand new, don’t kick it with anymore, no matter how you choose to dress it up, if you are living and doing something with your life, you’ll hear this. Now some of you, well, you’re not doing anything worth mentioning, so you won’t be on the receiving end of this conversation, you’ve actually gotta make changes to hear this.

When people criticize you for changing or not being the same, take it as a compliment. If a person has an issue with who you’ve become it just means their mad you’re no longer the person they want you to be. Truthfully, some of you need to change, what you’ve been doing has gotten you no where, you need to make some growth in your life, when you grow, clearly you change. To the people that don’t like seeing their friends grow without them, get your own life, step off that person’s coat tail, make some changes yourself, Everybody isn’t gonna be around you forever, at some point you’ve gotta stop caring what people think, regardless of who they are and do you.

You’ll never see butterflies in social settings with a caterpillar, why? Even nature understood the concept of disassociation after development. Some of you are so focus on being liked and fitting in you’re missing out on your own success, however, you need to ask yourself will those people do the same for you once their dream knocks for them. Never let someone’s opinion of you be the reason you choose not to move forward.



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  1. 3rdLegKickStand June 26, 2013 — 7:21 AM

    I really like this one a lot. Well done. My favorite was the butterfly example. I actually paused and said Damn. But what about those that aren’t doing shit when they used to. All change isn’t good.

  2. This may be my favorite blog……evolution. I always tell ppl I’m almost at my 360 change. I always get the same answer, where you will be where you began. Me with my smart self begins to explain the unit circle and how although they share the same point they have different values. I will be the same person, just different values.

  3. This is so on point.
    “When someone says you’ve changed, it just means you stopped living YOUR life THEIR way”

  4. Apimpnamedslickback July 10, 2013 — 3:47 PM

    I heard when you start to gain success and free yourself from broke thinking you will lose some people in the process. Welp, guess I’ll be letting things/people go. Not you though xclusive or the other guy (3rdleg)

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