The ending you weren’t ready for

Ok, as much as we talk about how to keep things together, reality is, sometimes things just don’t work out. What to do, now I can give a few tips, readers be sure to add as well.

Stay busy, the more time you’re able to spend focusing your time on other things the better! Constantly reminding yourself of them only hurts you. As quickly as possible remove all of their belongings, pictures,mutual friends, phone numbers, facebook, twitter, IG, and anything that will be a direct tie to them.

Get with your friends,we all have those friends who will no matter what point out all the bad and dog your significant other no matter what, getting with your friends, helps get you out of the house and get to vent.

Hit the gym, this is probably my favorite, not because you need to lose weight, but it gets you moving and exercise will give you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, happy people don’t spend all day crying (or wanting to kill).

NO DRINKING!!!!! This is probably the worse idea, alcohol is a depressant, so its only gonna bring you down, and emotional, you’re already gonna be down and emotional.  Emotional drunks during a breakup usually go one of two ways, “please baby please” or “I fxcking hate you” either way, you looks NUTS, unstable and it just further confirms the break up.

Realize there was a reason this didn’t work out, as much as you’d like to think they were “the one” accept it ended for a reason, when someone wants to leave, let them,why hold on to something that’s not meant for you and doesn’t want to be around?  Its okay to cry or be upset, just means you’re human, just don’t dwell on it, cause (unless you’re suicidal, in which I really really encourage you to get around other people ASAP) life will go on, and in a few months, when you thought you couldn’t go on any longer, you’ll be living, without them. You came into the world alone, that’s how you go out. Another person is only to add and compliment to your life, they shouldn’t complete, be the better half or be your reason for happiness.As crappy as you’re going to feel in the moment, time does heal and know you are not the only person in the world who has gone through this.



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  1. 3rdLegKickStand July 1, 2013 — 8:19 AM

    Wow, I broke all those rules…I end up fine though. Lol you are taking this to the extreme however. I supposed this would work for the “weaker” people, but not me! Lol everyone copes differently.
    I had my one “moment” because I was naïve and saw it in movie. Didn’t work thank Goodness it didn’t. That bitch was crazy. But ever since then, I’ve been blessed with the clutch “fuck it” attitude.

    • You seem like the type to break them all. How is this taking it to the extreme? Maybe this is more when its a real relationship, not just those beginning phases. You have that attitude now, until you meet “the one” that gets through that.

      • 3rdLegKickStand July 1, 2013 — 5:25 PM

        Look sweetie I’m a believer in “if its meant to be, it will happen.” Funny thing about “that one” is there usually is more than one. Well at least with most people. All I needed was one to see how I should react. Had her, and now the whole topic at hand is childs play.

        O by the way. I’ll drink but I’m not the creep that blows the other person phone up on tht crazy stuff.

      • LMAO did you just call me “sweetie” ok, moving right along. There is definitely more than one “the one” you just haven’t met the one that’s really made you crazy, and hopefully you never will, I also hope you’ll never be the guy that makes a female that way. So you’re the creepy drunk that is still crazy and just doesn’t let the other person see it?!

    • Healing after a break up does not leave you with a f it attitude. There is some underlying bitterness whether it was from the heartbreak or learning she wasn’t the person you thought she was.
      Everyone does cope differently and sometimes we misconstrue coping with healing, they are totally different and produce different results.
      The fact that you have to disrespect her proves you haven’t healed.

      • 3rdLegKickStand July 2, 2013 — 4:44 PM

        But its true. She stabbed me… TWICE!!! Stalked me, called me non stop, attacked a female friend, etc. And lied about having a child. And I don’t see it as an insult if its true. She called herself a bitch all the time. And my battle scars will testify for her craziness. And I mean you are right scars don’t heal, but that’s the only thing that didn’t.

  2. 3rdLegKickStand July 1, 2013 — 6:54 PM

    Nope I’m the fun drunk 😉 lmao and yes I called you sweetie. And I would never be that guy that go crazy. Just sying. Lol

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