Keep your issues over there

This drives me nuts,The Over-Sharers,  people who make it a point to tell you everything. There are just some things I don’t care to know. Are you that self absorbed you’ve just got to talk? Keep your issues, drama, life in your own head. Now clearly this is for people you don’t know too well.

People who make a status but want to leave out certain things or make it really vague. (I.E, My life sucks, I’m so stressed, FML, “I never thought I would be this angry,  I just don’t even know why I try anymore. 😦   and my favorite “spending time with HIM” (that last one always makes me laugh)) If you didn’t want people to know why say anything at all? You clearly want people in your business with those statements, well if you don’t want people asking what you’re talking about, shut up. There are some people who need to feel ‘validated’. I think those that want the world to know every detail of their life.. has no life.. and really possibly think people care. Its like the boy who cried wolf, after a while-no one even attempts to care.

Now this is me, when people sigh really loud, or say stuff out loud, I ignore them, not to be mean, but if you wanted me to know or wanted to talk about it, you would just come talk, spare me the dramatic scenes. I get some people just like to talk and build a connections and there are ways to do that, normal people call it “sparking up a conversation” talk about anything, but don’t be a drama queen/king about it.

Parents constantly posting pics & stories about your kids, stop it, stop it, stop it. First of all once its up, its up, your kids didn’t ask for that, gave no permission of it & can’t defend it ( cause I’m willing to bet if someone else posted something you didn’t like of your kid, you’d be having a fit) but you’ll do it in a heart beat, that stuff has the ability to follow them forever, and in bully situations you’re just giving your kids bully ammo. Not to mention if you have one of these smarty pants over achieving, my kid is the best stories, you put your kid in an uncomfortable position to have no room for mistakes, trust me, that’s unnecessary pressure growing up.

Just be careful who you share everything with, some people are glad you have issues, can & will use them against you.



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  1. Lmao! I don’t know where to start ..But first , in all fairness to both sides of this coin, isn’t over-sharing defined by other folks? Whose to say that a particular way someone “shares”; is wrong or right? Whose to say “our” way is the right way? Maybe the over-sharers think others who don’t are..under-sharers. Lollll I know for a FACT people, in my offline life, think I talk tooo much. And thats according to their definition of what “talking too much IS” Mayhaps I think they don’t talk or share enough! Personally? I feel uncomfy sometimes around folks who aren’t big on talking…Not to a point that I won’t share time & space with them; BUT it takes longer to get to know them. Why? Because they do NOT say much for one to get a glimpse of who they are…And I’ve not yet mastered mind reading. I don’t even attempt to do that..I am , however, a good vibe reader..I feel people out..Alot of times body language speaks in volumes..One thing I’ve learned? Some people are better at verbally conversing than others..So those folks you say sigh or make random one-line comments..That might be “their” way to get a chat started..We all have our own unique way of communicating. Some of us are better at verbal expression. While yet others of us are better at expressing ourselves in written form. (I feel I’m in the latter category) I did, as always, enjoy reading your thoughts..And I’m more than sure I always will. 2 thumbs UP.

    • “Whose to say that a particular way someone “shares”; is wrong or right? Whose to say “our” way is the right way? Maybe the over-sharers think others who don’t are..under-sharers.” Ya know, I NEVER thought about it like that! Great point!! You are very right (for some of those people) there are the occasional few who will return with “Why is everyone in my business” but you’re right. Thanks so much for shedding a different light on this for me.

      • No worries my beautiful younger Sista..We ALL, especially me(yep I admit IT), can do well to hear and listen to another perspective; on anything. Why? Because sometimes WE(and I am speaking of myself) can tend to think; that only OUR outlook on things is reality. Because it IS our reality! We only know from our own experiences and teachings..Which is WHY, or one of the reasons, why I loveeee connecting with others..With respect we can learn from one another. And even at 50! I am still learning..I will till the day I die. And you will also..Or so my own youngish Ma in her early 70s has shared with me..She said, ” Even still she IS still learning things..”

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