rebuttal to that book…

I got an email request to re-visit a few specific old post, so this week some of you will see something for the first time, and some of you will be re-visiting a few topics.

You Forgot Your Common Sense

Okay, straight to the point today, this is for those now over confident women who has read a certain book about how to think like the opposite sex. (I purposely chose not to use his name, or the actual book title for legal reasons.)

Now let me open up by saying I have read the book, and I have nothing against the book. I  do have an issue with the women who have read this book & now feel they know every aspect & rule in the game. That book provided SOMEinsight, not into the actual mind of a man, but more into how you as a woman should act when in the dating world. The fact that someone had to write a book to tell women how to act like a lady is sad, but that’s for another post. That book provided small snippets into the views…

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