She bust the windows out his car

So, we’ve all heard Jazmine Sullivan, Bust Your Windows, seen (or heard of) Waiting to Exhale when Bernadette (Angela Bassett) torched her man’s clothes. The guys wanna know, what the hell makes the crazy chicks damage their stuff. Well you bruised fruit, I will tell you. Your actions! At the point a woman begins tearing up your stuff she has usually had E-NUFF! Now ladies, this is partially your own fault for letting crap build up, fellas at this point she has tried to deal with it and something just – snaps!

Rage like this doesn’t make her crazy, it makes her angry, hurt and angry. Here’s a secret though boys, this is about an 8 on the rage scale. 9 would be outright trying to kill you, (shooting, stabbing) and 10 is when she does it quietly and plans it out (in your sleep, poisoning your food ect.)

Now the car is something you place a ton of value, time and money on, so other than your “business” (family jewels, 3rdleg,) its a quick, hard blow that you’ll feel deep within you.  Often time a woman is made to feel inferior to your ‘stuff’ and will become jealous of it, so the rage goes towards that which made her feel second class.

During the rage section, people get energy from nowhere and the urge to hit, swing and fight, so if you’re not within arms reach taking it out on your stuff will just have to do. Anger signals your body to fight, the “Flight or Fight” kicks in. A lot of times, the woman doesn’t want to see you, talk to you or be near you, but still wants to hurt you. All the burning, slamming, breaking and selling of your stuff is just to make you feel some ounce of pain that she is feeling.



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  1. Hahahahaha thanks for the shout out!!!!! Lmao but you some women are just crazy frok jump. I’ve had a female tryna cut me I never even met before. So how do you explain that?

    • You’re welcome!!! 🙂 I definitely agree some women are crazy. Now the female trying to cut you, you may not have met her before but she definitely knew who you were and enough info on you to decide you needed to be cut. Maybe someone her girl dealt with and by the code if the friend hates you-we all hate you.Unless she’s a psycho killer who just gets a thrill from cutting people she had reason behind it.

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    This is for that lady in Florida, who decided a McFlurry was the final straw and make a barbecue pit out of her boyfriends 1994 El Dorado. You scream, I scream- bad shit will happen if she doesn’t get her ice cream.

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