So you wanna date a black girl

Okay suga, this is for my white, latino, chinese, korean, middle eastern, native american, whatever- any guy thats not black but interested in dating black women. Understand first when dating a black girl, she is under the assumption you have been schooled already either by a previous black girlfriend or some black friends who have shown you the ropes. So allow me to be your first and give you a few pointers so you aren’t a complete fool.

Be Yourself!!!! It becomes very obvious when you’re trying to hard or trying to impersonate someone else, it doesn’t flow. Be you, whomever that is, cause at some point you’ll get tired of being someone else and she may not like who you really are (or who you’re pretending to be) so be you out the gate.

Know which type of black girl you have and date her accordingly- not all girls are made the same.

Expect the truth- you know “keeping it real” a black girl will tell you straight up when shes not impressed, angry,or whatever emotions shes experiencing.

Somebody in her family isn’t going to like your union- you’re not dating them so…. moving right along.

Swag matters- This isn’t just how to dress (although looking good will be important) this is your confidence, sense of humor, ability to take the bs thats gonna come with people disagreeing with your union.

Don’t throw water on her or push her into a pool… grounds for a long day.

Never tell her to “relax” when shes mad.

Yes black churches take FOREVER- don’t plan on doing anything after, except maybe dinner at her/ parents or grandparents house

If you go over to visit- don’t ask “who made the (enter food item here)” who cooked what doesn’t matter- eat it, and compliment it. Stop letting those commercials a certain macaroni brand had the cheesiest macaroni and cheese, black people (most of the time) make SWEET POTATO PIE not pumpkin. Know you will however, eat GOOD!!

Respect the hair- black girls don’t expect you to understand it, just don’t f*ck it up. Bonus points- purchase a satin pillow case to keep at your place for when she stays over. Don’t ask why she has so much hair (in a bag), why it takes so long to do, why is it so expensive at the shop, or why it gets done in a kitchen.

Don’t ever ever ever mention weight. (You should never mention this any female) but the conversation will quickly turn into how she is not one of those “skinny white bitches”

Don’t just date a black girl because you’re curious what its like, only go there if you are genuinely attracted to and interested in them.

Don’t assume she can twerk, or impress you with any fancy stripper moves.

Now I know I made light of this situation, simply because interracial dating doesn’t bother me, So long as you stay within your race… the HUMAN race, I could care less, be with whomever makes you happy. Feel free to add any additional tips in the comments to help these guys out.

Keep it sincere people! 🙂



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  1. I should email Jon* this. I think some White guys are so adamant in not believing in racism, they won’t take the time to study or understand Black culture. In fact, its surprising that he graduated with a Creative Writing/Lit degree and has never heard of Toni Morrison. I mean she won a Pulitzer prize and a Nobel prize, right?

    • What I have learned is people who don’t experience it or see it are certain to believe it doesn’t exists, I cant tell Jon* from experience, it certainly does. How he passed with a Creative Writing degree and hasn’t heard of Toni Morrison is sad, but understandable, whomever taught those courses felt she wasn’t worth mentioning and had no impact on writing. Yes, she won a Nobel and Pulitzer for “Beloved”

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