silent heroes

Sometimes people just want to hear “thank you” may not have been for anything they directly did for you, maybe they took care of someone else who didn’t mention it, maybe they did look out for you in an indirect way you aren’t even sure had an impact in your life.

I know being 20-something how we never think about what those older than us may have done to shape how we have turned out, or “I didn’t ask you to do that” mentality- I get it, and although there are times I agree(when you’re not being helpful, just controlling), fact of the matter is, somewhere down the line something still got done! They say people make the world go round, so right now somewhere someone is going something that will help out another person and they have no idea what’s going on. Maybe this letter is touching someone out there to keep doing good or striving-idk. This is for the people doing things just because, now those of you out there complaining no one appreciates you, or ever says thank you- that mentality just shows the only reason you did anything was for the recognition- stop that. If you’re gonna do something, clearly you made that decision, if you were going to be upset no one acknowledged you, then you could have just kept whatever action to yourself. There are times you will not be thanked, not because no one doesn’t appreciate you, but because of a role or duty expected of you. When you’re at work and make a sale-thats your job, the thank you is a check. When your kid doesn’t turn into a murderer, society doesn’t thank you, its expected you’ll raise your kid right. Now things that go above and beyond the base line, the extra, thats understandable. Its true, people never acknowledge you until you’ve messed up, I get it, take it as a compliment, they think highly enough of you not to. So from me to every person reading this today, don’t know your story (don’t have to) where you are, or what you’ve done, but Thank You. And its not just to older people, young people can have a great impact too (you old farts aren’t crossing streets on your own- joking) A young person can teach you, be there as well, cause remember as you get older its the young people you will need to depend on, shoe gets to the other foot.

Let me say Thank You to every person who has been enjoying this ride with me thus far, to all the UK followers, and the newest group of Sugas from JAMAICA!!!  S/O to SFT who has been on my case for like 2 weeks to write this- You’re Welcome!! hahahaha

Have a great week people- do something nice & keep it sincere!



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  1. that first paragraph is so true!!!!! i really identify with what you have said!

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