Guys hate that…

Things girls do that guys hate:

Ask if you’re fat- pretty sure you’re asking about your weight for a reason, don’t drag them into it.

call/text all day- I don’t understand how you birds don’t irritate yourselves with this.

indecisive- make a damn decision!

Pounds of make up- some of you really resemble circus clowns and no one wants to kiss you with tar on your lips.

shopping- guys really hate shopping with you, stop asking, again don’t you have friends for that?

use that “whining” voice- not cute, irritating and makes you look like a child

Air grabbing, neck rollin & weave patting ( black girls)- all that extra “personality” is confusing

constant “reminders” aka nagging; doesn’t matter how you try to dress it up, its nagging.  Contrary to popular belief, they heard you the first time.

cry at everything- don’t be that girl, she cries when she’s, sleepy, hungry, frustrated, mad,…

act like one of the guys- need I remind you he’s dating a girl for a reason

the silent treatment- this is just childish

never admitting when you’re wrong- not only is this annoying its an insult

Well thats all I got feel free to comment and add! Keep it sincere today people!


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