What are you doing in there?

Girls and the bathroom! Okay Sugas, all weekend the topic of females being in the bathroom has surrounded me.What are you doing in there? Why do you go together? Why do you use so much toilet paper?

The bathroom can be the female version of the locker room:

Why go together? Well depending on where you are, someone needs to hold your stuff, or the door, watch the door, make sure you look decent before going back out, although its dark in the club we know at some point the lights have to come back on, and we don’t want to scare off “Mr. Right (now)” so to keep everything from falling out, melting off, reapplying what’s been rubbed off,  and masking the smell of sweat and booze, you’re welcome.

A lot of decision making happens there,  at a party/bar its decided guys, if you’re liked, what chances you have, and to trash talk other females that are around (i’d like to say its bad, but its still a reality) all happen around the sink.

Sit down- a lot of places have couches & chairs, if she’s been standing all night she is more than happy to have a seat.

The big one! the amount of toilet paper! Listen, that ‘shake’ action may work for you guys (not really though, ask any woman that does your laundry)  but women need to completely dry the area. Now if you’re cheap buying that dollar store one ply crap- well its no wonder you’re going through a roll a day. Depending on how well she trusts your level of clean, it gets used to cover the toilet seat first.

Women have thinner bladder walls which means they go more than men, more trips = more paper used.  Now yes, it gets used to kill bugs, wipe make up, 

Women are usually taught poop is disgusting and to keep their hands clean, so some of it is just to keep the crap off of them.

There ya go guys.



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  1. Haha! Exactly!!!! Guys couldn’t handle female locker room conversation!

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