The wingman

There will come a time where you either need one or you will be one. Lets talk about how to be a good sidekick:

Know the plan- if its lets get/keep your friend out of trouble there is a clearly stated plan before anyone leaves the house.

You are responsible for the fat friend, ugly friend, smelly friend… the other one not wanted.

Distractions- a good wingman will fall nothing short of setting a building on fire (not that I advise arson) to make a distraction.

The wingman is always willing to introduce you to new contacts, business or otherwise.

Know the codes- there should be a ‘safety word’, sign, or gesture to let you know how to respond. Either its clear and you’re no longer needed or time to do damage control.

Deny! Deny! Deny!- doesn’t really matter what the situation is, if you are questioned in any way mum is the word.

Be likeable, but not too likeable

Be willing to front the bill if necessary-you’ll get your money back, you always do.

These are a few rules that I know many of you are out here breaking.


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