You got me what?

With Sweetest Day right around the corner, I’ve been hearing about all the plans and gift ideas, and boy oh boy- some of you are getting some crap! (sorry)

If you can’t cook! (chances are if your other has never asked you to make anything, you’re not that good at it, and that’s okay, you’re probably a better twerker or something) this one day, no one wants those runny eggs, batter filled pancakes, cardboard steak, or rubber chicken. Order something!

Don’t make reservations & order something YOU can’t pay for. There is nothing worse than being taken out and “treated” with your own money.

Tools/automotive parts- Nothing says back to work like gift wrapping a wrench set.

Things you really want- I love you’ images with hearts, poetry, gift baskets filled with fruits, chocolates and sparkling cider, and of course, a stuffed animal holding a heart. Anything that proves you’re the cutest couple ever is off-bounds.

Anything that sings or plays music when you open it, squeeze it or touch it, including Christmas cards. This one speaks for itself.

Your face- They see you enough, no they don’t want a picture of you for their wallet, desk or wall.

Anything you’ve made- save your hand-made “coupon books”, you know the ones “one free kiss”… just don’t.

Any DIY gifts- nothing screams get a hobby like these.

A wallet- although women like new purses for men a wallet is something to carry stuff in not to be fashionable, even if its held by duct tape and rubber bands, it’ll be replaced when ready.

Grooming kits- Something men can and should by for themselves, unless you have a boy under age 10, grown men know how to get whats needed to groom themselves.

Anything airbrushed or pressed on a shirt, jacket, hat, blanket.

Anything with a name on it- everyone involved should know their own names.

Clothes- as great as a shopper you are- its just more stuff for you to iron. Men’s bad fashion choices happen in the closet, not the store, let them dress themselves.

If your gift has Hennessy (or any other liquor for that matter) involved- I am definitely judging.  



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  1. How dare you judge the gift of hooch!?!?

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