All Heroes Must Fall (guest post)

“She said you doin too much ,You’re not superman you know.
I ignored her senile
Remarks as I continued
To climb the mountain
Of one of my greatest challenges
Atlephobia- the fear of inadequacy
Trying to careful place
My feet to support my
Arms that felt the lactic-acid kiss
And it was her distracting lips
That muttered against mine
That harsh reality that
All heroes must fall”

I just love how someone can be brave enough to express his/her dreams and is instantly subjected to being the target of a firing squad. Keep dreaming though, do not let anyone remove you from the path of success you envisioned for yourself. People are going to hate you regardless. If you allow another’s opinion alter your view of self you are just as weak and hopeless as those that take pride in breaking others down. Keep a clear vision and an unshakable and strong faith to support it. Do those things and no-one will be able to refute your purpose, those voices will become more and more irrelevant. (Like everything Al Sharpton says)

Now listen… Like she said… (She can be anything or anyone that holds you down) all heroes must fall. You will fall. You will fail. But do not let a stumble be the end of the journey for you. Heroes aren’t heroes until they rise from their failures.

Real Men’s Takeover. I had to do something “not so ruthless” this time around. Peace

Had to show love to a very talented young man who was kind enough to create something to share with us.



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