Bros before birds

Everybody knows the rule and realistically it goes both ways, nothing comes before the bro code. As much as you want to spend your time with the new person, you can’t afford to lose yourself in the process. Now typically the saying is ‘bros before hos’ however,(mainly because it rhymes)  its usually already established that a hoe is a bottom feeder of low value anyway, so if you’re with one there would be no respect for her anyway.

Learn to balance the two worlds. Your friends were there before you coupled up, and shouldn’t pose any real threat to your relationship, and if it does you need to point out where the insecurity is and address it. But under no circumstances can you bring the boo around for events where it should just be the crew.

The rule of thumb is to never trust anything with emotions, full set of boobs or a big butt. Quite often you will find a girl who tries to turn you against and take you away from your best friend. She will use manipulation, persecution and even sex just to get her point across. The reason, all women want to be in the first tier of a man’s life; so until they get rid of your friends,in their eyes, they will never be the most important thing.

You can start cancelling your plans with your friends for your other if you want, you’ll be doing that crap the entire relationship, and before you know it: YOU HAVE NO FRIENDS! You had friends before you met  your boo needs to respect they are a part of who you are. Worse case scenario you break up, divorce or just have a big fight and you have no one to talk to, vent with and take you out to get your mind off of things or lend a couch for you to sleep on.

Fellas, do not get tricked into letting your girl think by hanging with your boys you are neglecting her. Sorry girls, but some of you birds are so selfish, and have no life of your own that you pull this guilt card and its not cute! Put on your big girl bloomers and find yourself a hobby other than this man. You do not and should not be attached at the hip everywhere, that’s needy and annoying. No one’s friends wants to see the boo at everything! Sometimes just hanging with your friends can be the breath of fresh air.

The person you’re with should never stop/slow or interfere with your money! Your friends have every right to smack you if they notice you are sacrificing your livelihood and dreams for a person other than your own kids. If the person you’re with isn’t helping they are definitely holding you back.

Find him/her some friends of their own! There is always going to be a problem if you’re the only friend your boo has. Even married people know how to still have friends without compromising the relationship, its about balance, respect and not losing one’s self.

When you begin dating someone it should be an addition to your life, not a replacement, you want a person to compliment you not complete you.


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