Build -a- boo…

Okay Sugas, cause some of you simply don’t get it. After a set amount of time, as with anything new, the stitches begin to settle and things get to the comfortable stage. Where many of you who had “the list”, a picture or dream ( I really wish you birds would wake up) realize its not that great of a picture and think you can change or suggest change for someone… stupid mistake.

At the point you begin the building process, you’re changing the original form, which means you had an issue with the original build, that can only make me wonder why you chose it to begin with because clearly if you didn’t like the way something was you had no business getting it.

Many of you will build the perfect person- who will be perfect for someone else. Then there is always the cases where you end up not liking what you’ve created (feels a little stupid to make something that ends up not even being what you wanted.)

What to do when all your hard work  goes down the drain and a person won’t change? Well, either shut up accept it and keep it moving, or change yourself (cause really thats the only person you have the ability to freely work on) and accept that sometimes in changing yourself you have to change the environment & person- to something & someone else. The truth is every person can and will change but only for ONE person, some of you need to accept you are not the person they were meant to change for.


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