Love ain’t always enough

Okay Sugas,

I’ve gotta address a few priorities a few people dropped somewhere. I was recently watching a program with a young couple who had gotten engaged. (no harm there) The issue I have was this bruised fruit had dropped out of school, living in his moms 2 bedroom apartment had the nerve to move his fiancee’ (and her dog)in. Seriously? How/ why was this so okay?  Now I know men when becoming husbands vow to protect, love, honor blah blah blah, somewhere in there I thought men provided, and granted, they weren’t homeless, however, technically he was, considering he was living in someone else’s home being taken care of by someone else (his mom).

And ladies why is it you will dog a man out for living with his mom but are so okay climbing through a window to avoid his wife???

Love don’t pay the bills, keep a roof over your head or food on the table, so I’ve got to ask, at what point is love just not enough?


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