Stuck like a fly on doo doo (guest post)

 Fellas don’t get upset at me for this one, but it really doesn’t matter if they know or not. I recently had a barbershop talk type of conversation with my homie 3rdLegKickStand. The topic came up as to why some of these females fall subject to becoming the one stuck on this one dude. Throughout the early years of a woman’s life, they date sometimes with the intent of finding out what type of guy it is they ultimately want to be with. Now usually before this some women have standards of wanting a guy that is 6’0, rich, strong.. etc. (Fairy-tale BS!). First thing is, throw that BS out the window. You will never find the perfect guy, because he doesn’t exist. There is no one guy that will meet all your stupid criteria and standards, so please come back to reality. Back to my point. Now some of you women have that one friend that just can’t seem to get over this one guy. Now you talk to her, tell her to move on, date, or do whatever. No matter what you say, that friend just can’t seem to understand why she is stuck on this dude like fly on doo doo.

The problem that you as the one trying to help fails to realize is that she has received the “D”. Not just any D, but the kind of D that no other guy has given her. The kind that made this little pretty girl, who was upholding these standards as a lady, let out a beastly roar during that moment when he gave her the D just right and caused a Niagara Falls recreation in the bedroom. The thing is, a woman who has had this happen to her doesn’t understand what that means to a guy. See before all this a guy is running around like a chicken with his head chopped off. He will jump through rings of fire, sit through a thousand boring a** chick flicks. He will buy you everything in the world knowing he doesn’t have a dollar to his name. Just think, notice how your dude acts before he gets some. He probably is the sweetest and kind-hearted person you’ve ever met. Sure he is, up until that point of him hearing that sound when instantly he knows… “Oh, I got her a** now.”  Then watch how things that he “used to do” start to slowly turn into “you don’t do that anymore.” Trust me I know from experience, I’m even guilty of it myself.

Women, have you ever wondered why that friend of yours will allow that dude to put her through so much embarrassment, have her looking stupid at times, maybe even cheat on her and she knows, but yet will still stay with him? She got the “D”, and again not just any D, the D that made her go to cloud 9 and back. I know many of you will say no, it’s love that makes me stay, its love and my feelings that make me continue to try… STFU, ain’t that much love in the world, trust me, to make you end up hurt over and over and over again. That D will make you hop on the first train smoking to chase down the guy if he skipped town on you. The D will make you bend over backwards for him while he won’t even budge at the smallest request. Sorry to say women, but you are all suckers for the Mandingo!

Women do me a favor and take note to the next time you give up the goods to your guy and watch how he acts. If you think I’m wrong prove it and I will show you time and time again where it’s the D that has you going coo coo for coco puffs. They say women run the world and it’s the power of the P U S * *, but let’s be honest who actually controls the P U * *?

Love Peace and Afro Grease!


There it is ladies- told you, I don’t make this stuff up! Direct from the mouths of the man himself.


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  1. Preach!!! Lol coo coo for my coco nuts! Lmao seriously though, who trying to get strunh up. Currently in the mood to duck some females mind up. Lol just kidding

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