I’m trying to WORK

Sugas, I’ve gotta address this really annoying bit of selfishness that is taking over, and its mainly women who are the culprits, fellas I’m on your side here!

When a man is working/at work LET HIM WORK!!! We all know the rule is: you don’t work, you don’t eat. So if a man is at work, that’s where his focus needs to be. Even if he has a boring desk job that allows him to be on the phone 1) jobs today are risky and hard to come by and you never know who could walk by, see him on the phone and can his ass. 2) what exactly his job entails that his attention could be on causing him to drop the ball. 3) HE IS AT WORK so let him be at work. Be happy that man is working, because the second he isn’t or gets fired you then have the nerve to give him a stank face or call him names because he is no longer providing financially.

Chances are if you’re dating or married you have outside contact. NO he does NOT want to talk to you all damn day! What is left for you to talk about if you’ve talked all day throughout his (hopefully yours too) shift and he comes home to what?! The best option would be for you to be silent- considering you’ve already done all this talking but chances are you’re not. Save it for then, write it down til he gets home.

Now granted there are some exceptions, emergency situations, quick questions or info can pass, but when you surpass 5 messages/minutes you’re having a full conversation, could this have waited? If you know he’s on break- then cool.

For those of you who get upset or mad when he doesn’t respond (quick enough) or doesn’t call back,(unless its an actual emergency) small piece of advice: FIND SOMETHING TO DO. You clearly have too much time to notice, you need to make yourself busy too.

Ok, y’all go tell someone the truth today. #TruthfulThursday


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