And you thought you’d get a second date?

Okay Sugas, by request, here are traits of that annoying person you try to go out with. If you’ve never experienced any of these consider yourself very lucky.

Texting At The Table I get it: you’re busy. You have a lot of friends. You have a lot of business to attend to but when you’re out try to actually talk to the ppl you are with. 

 Not Tipping – don’t be cheap and this just looks so bad!

Sniffle incessantly unfortunately Cuffing season comes with cold season but there is nothing worse than being out with someone who refuses to bow their damn nose! Or even worse the person that keeps blowing their nose- everywhere.

Ordering For Your Date Unless the person you’re on a date with requests that you order for them, this feels a bit condescending.

Pay for your meal with change– there are NOOO words to describe this one.

Talk about your health problems– when you go out its to get away and escape trouble for a little while, no one wants to hear about that cyst you need to have removed.

Talk about yourself– all the time- self explanatory

Talking about stuff you know nothing about- if you know nothing about whats going on in a conversation just say that. You make yourself look really stupid.

 being the “and thats how I” person– its okay to be proud of your accomplishments but boasting & bragging is never hot.

Decline to be seated at a restaurant, and simply eat their complimentary mints by the cash register.

Reply to everything your date says with “that’s what YOU think.” – Its okay to disagree but this is childish.

Here are just a few ways to ensure you never get a second date.



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