Rant on ‘thirsty’ (guest post)

Ok so I’m in this Starbucks getting a Tazo tea and what not and this girl was making my tea for me. I like to say nice things to people so I told her she smelled nice. This broad said I was thirsty…

Ok for starters, any and everyone that uses that word is a whore. Yall sluts need a better vocabulary, since the only word yall can think of is “thirsty.” Ugh I want to stab you all in the wind-pipe with a spoon.

When someone say something nice to you, just smile and say thank you. Gosh! Nowadays people are so caught up on doing and saying negative things or breaking each other down that if someone is being nice… You would be at least be happy. Somewhere along the road of your parents teaching you better you sluts had you ears covered with your ass cheeks.

But forget the niceties for a minute. if I have to comment on the way you smell, clearly that was your best feature you bimbos. Get over yall damn selves. Not everyone wants you. Even if everyone wanted you, you just need to shut your cock holster up for a minute and think of a better insult than thirsty. We have something call a thesaurus and I believe there is an app out for it as well.

With that being said, get a better vocabulary, or just say thank you. Peace


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