the strUGGle

Those damn UGG boots!! This fury version of a moon boot has to stop.

UGGS were originally made for men in Australia, but the issue isn’t who is wearing them rather when to stop wearing them. If its warmer than 70 degrees, I’m sure they don’t need to be out.

I hear you saying “they’re so comfortable”, okay ladies, let me ask you this, would you give the time a day to a man that wore the same big, mud lined, tore up sweat pants everyday?

Now some of you have begun taking out your pair from last winter, which means they have already weathered one year of winter so yours are a head of the running for that lean or hole on top. 

You should not be wearing them everyday with every outfit. Why wear these boots with leggings? You acknowledge the fact its cold enough to wear boots but wear leggings? UGG boots are not hot in church on Sunday morning with your dress.

I’m always lead to believe- your feet smell horrible, trapped in that hot environment of sheep’s wool (if you have a real pair) with no ventilation, that has to STANK!

I know some of you are thinking men don’t notice/care what you wear… FALSE!! I hear you being called Grizzly Adams, the swamp lady, camel walker, it makes your feet look fat, they remind of Napoleon Dynamite.

Can any UGG wearer tell me why when you’re wearing them you don’t pick up your damn feet?

Then there are you with that cankle looking mean lean, salt ring, mud lines, toe tears and leak once they’ve walked through the snow, PLEASE let them go.



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  1. With legs like that she can wear what ever she wants

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