Its Truthful Thursday! Here are some things people have just wanted to get out!

Yes of course your profile picture has 50 “likes”. I can name 50 guys who like tits, too.

There’s just one thing I want you to know…I wanna punch you in the face.

Did you really think that was a good idea?

No, I dont think you’re a good ‘rapper’ go back and get an education.

Oh you’re getting married…again… Good luck with that.

You do know multiple cups of coffee and being a smoker just makes your breath smell like sh*t, please back up.

So you don’t know how to have a conversation about anything other than your kids?

I’m still single because everyone around me, present company included, is in a relationship that proves unworthy.

Umm no, that guy is is just f*cking you, he doesn’t f*ck with you- there’s a difference.

No I don’t know what that like, and unlike you I was smart enough not to put myself in that position. 

Yes, because having a baby IS enough reason to make a man stay with you… -_-

No, actually, you cant cook.

getting back with your ex, because it was so successful the first time.

If you think going to Red Lobster is impressive, I assume you have very low standards.

I really want to ask who has been looking at porn on the work computer because someone doesn’t seem to know Google saves your pages on the new tab page.

We have got to demand more from those surrounding us- stop allowing people to lie to themselves!

FMOT: @4gotcommonsense



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  1. Lmbo!! Go back AND GET AN EDUCATION!!

  2. I remember when Red Lobster was actually an upscale restaurant lol

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