To teach, or raise your kid?

There are just certain things, that when you send your kid to school, the teacher is not responsible for.  There are things beyond academics a teacher can reiterate, if they so choose but not a requirement, they are to instruct a specific subject matter. Raising a child includes but not restricted to academic, social, self esteem, morals, etiquette, manners, responsibility… ect. 

Its not the teacher’s job to make sure your kid knows the native language spoken in your home, or neighborhood, its their job to make sure your child meets compliance and competency placed by the school board which correlates with the society they live in.

Teaching your kid to be responsible, is a character trait. Its not the teacher’s job to teach your kid right from wrong. What you may think is right or wrong may be completely different from any teacher. Your kid needs to know when they arrive from 8-4 (whenever they are in school) its their only job, to be compliant with whatever rules are within that institution and to learn, pay attention to, and master whatever is being taught, however most of these kids are not adequately prepared because the training that occurs before a job (whats instilled at home) was never taught.

If your child is failing a subject, that’s (partly) reflective on the teacher. If your kid is out doing/selling drugs, skipping school hanging with the wrong crowd, that’s reflective on the morals, standards and upbringing of the child- which doesn’t occur on a teacher’s watch.

Today’s society expects teachers to be behavioral scientists, parents, medical doctors, security guards, social workers, and oh yea, teach their subject area as well. Now as a parent, if you’re expecting the teacher to sculpt your kid, other than ‘feed & clothe’ (and financially providing for) the child, what are you doing? 

At most a teacher should just be reinforcing the things that are already taught in your home.  Even if a parent wanted to place the blame on their little bail jumper’s behavior, why would any parent place the outcome of their kid in someone else’s hands???


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