Holding on to whats not yours

another honorable mention

You Forgot Your Common Sense

I had been holding off on posting this but then a certain R&B singer had a weak moment and it fired me up.  So lets goooooo

I recently had a conversation with someone caught in the situation where she was “the chosen one” and the other female is holding on to a disgusting grudge. The other woman isn’t your issue.  Hell in this case neither is the man, for all you know you just dodged a huge bullet. If a man decides he wants to leave- let him!

There will come a time if it hasn’t already a choice will have to be made between you and “her”. Understand ladies, this decision doesn’t always come with something you may have done wrong or didn’t do.  Please don’t take his decision personal.  Even more importantly, your emotions regarding this decision lie with him- not the other woman, (Unless you know her…

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