That’s not your friend

Okay Sugas, I’ve got to stop some of you. People will come in and out of your life, not everyone is meant to stay. Even more important is knowing that not everyone is meant to be given a significant role or title. People can only do and be who you allow them to be in your life.

Y’all have got to stop giving out titles for reasons unearned and too premature. You meet a person, have a few conversations and are aware of a person’s existence for 2 week and already that’s your ‘friend‘? Maybe I have a different understanding of the word but friendship comes with some requirements other than an introduction.

Girls just cause a guy chills with you a few times, please, please don’t think you’re more than that moment! You’re not his girl, boo, girlfriend, you’re company for the 5 o’clock slot on Sundays. Even worse is some of you are so caught up in having a title, you accept one and someone else really has the position. A guy can call you his girlfriend but only sees you when convenient or when his real girl is busy.

There will be people who have this need to be liked, to have a title given to them because it makes them feel important, a part of something, don’t let someone else’s insecurities have you end up with a life long friend you don’t even like.

All I’m saying is y’all need to start making people reach a certain standard and earn a position in your life not just handing out ribbons for showing up, cause when that friend doesn’t do right or screws you the only one left looking stupid is you.


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