Isn’t it cold?

Let’s talk about these lovely fools who SEE the damn snow, complain about being cold but still got the nerve to dress like its 70 degrees outside.

Men, first of all I had no idea it was still “in” to sag your pants. However, it’s cold! If your ass is out doesn’t that add to cold? How are you bundled up but okay having your butt out? You’ve put on boots, the big coat, scarf & hat- buuut left the universal symbol that you like it up the butt. I’ll wait…

Now I’m all for looking cute and even wanting to look good when you go out, but do they not make winter clothes that are warm? Now any other time we can’t get women out of those leggings and now, the time where its acceptable you’re not wearing them?

Maybe its just me people, but if its cold shouldn’t there be some wardrobe changes.


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