Holding on past your expiration

honorable mention

You Forgot Your Common Sense

Many women (including myself) find themselves in situations in which we need to let go and don’t, we will stick around way too long for no good reason.  We need to realize when something or someone has ran its course in our lives, accept it and be willing to let go! Women will often put up with bs, cheating, inconsiderate, rude men because we’re afraid to be alone, or just because its comfortable. You rather deal with the familiar bull then to risk dealing with something new. What we need to stop doing, is knowing and accepting how we deserve better and how he “ain’t no good” and STAYING! If hes a constant headache, liar, cheater- LEAVE.

When a relationship is more of a headache or job-its time to walk, just like when a job feels like that, you need to focus on finding a career, something you’re happy to…

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