and that’s why you got caught

Okay Sugas, we all know life is already one big game and there are times you need to stay under the radar, be it if you’re doing something wrong, just trying to keep attention off of you, or need to get ahead there are some things you cant let slip!

Here’s the take to getting what you want, after all the persistence, commitment and effort you put into getting something or somewhere you have to know the rule; whatever it took to get it, it will take to keep it. Usually if you lose something you’ve worked for its because you  allowed it to happen.

You either get careless, senseless or sloppy..

Many people lose in the game simply because after a while they no longer want to work, they get tired or disinterested. Lazy people generally try to avoid responsibility at all costs. This is because responsibility comes with the need for action, which the lazy person dislikes intensely. These people lose simply because they rely on someone else to get the job done- but still want the credit. Listen, you want something done and done right, YOU need to put in the work. 

Then there are those of you who get content, think you’ve got it all figured out like the back of your hand. You get full of yourself thinking you know everything. This is where the ‘over analyzers’ get their chance, they stay thinking, studying and applying as much information as they can, all the while you’ve stopped studying your mark because you think you already know.  The thing about the world is, its always moving, changing and evolving, new technologies evolve, theories and ideas are created, all the while you only know one way in.Aside from talking too much and giving other people all your secrets, letting them, on their own, figure it out and be better at it than you has to suck.

Lastly, those who just get sloppy, I don’t know if these people are lazy, arrogant, or just stop paying attention, but the smallest details get overlooked or forgotten, and messes are made. Now it may not always be physical things left behind, but in some cases it creates a domino effect, one thing creates another and now the whole system is in chaos making it obvious something has been done, something that needs to be looked into. Usually followed by a loss of enthusiasm, their attention is not on the task at hand or precision.

Usually in life the goal is to form completion, finish what you’ve started, not have it taken away, you should be walking away on your own terms not because you lost focus. 


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