That’s not strong

Okay Sugas, I’ve got to acknowledge “strength” and being strong, because there seems to be confusion or misunderstanding.

Now a lot of people in life equate their strengths to fights they have had to overcome, be it physical or emotional. Constantly having an attitude or always displaying your strength does not mean you’re strong, it means you’re in need of an attitude adjustment! Now I understand, some of you “don’t have an attitude” or you just don’t know it, but if you regularly get upset over trivial things, and vocalize this feeling all the time when it’s unnecessary, seeming to always have to prove a point or show you “don’t care”  while “Taking care of yourself, cause no one else will” realize 2 things : 1) There is probably a reason people don’t /aren’t willing to take care of you. 2) You may be “too strong” to allow people to take a more active role in your life.

All you “strong, independent women” a lot of you are so busy fighting battles that aren’t worth the time or simply can’t be won, holding on to the past “so you don’t get hurt again” just makes you look angry and bitter, not strong, usually all that emotions says quite the opposite. So while you’re doing all that screaming, crying, and dismissing, all the while you’re saying you “don’t care” and you’re strong. Actions speak louder than words. 

Constantly showing muscle, proving to be the alpha male, being willing to ‘beat somebody ass’ (again), not strong you bruised fruit, although you may have physical abilities all it really says is you too have anger issues and probably a bully. An alpha male is evolved, not just loud, physically intimidating and is okay showing some emotion when needed, after all you are a person, its okay to show you feel sometimes, but learn how, when and to whom to display that emotion.

Believe it or not, strong people usually know how to control their emotions, not display them. The saying is true, any person or situation that has the ability to upset you or make you angry has already poked at your weak spot and you’ve already began to lose.

With that Sugas, lets chop it up. Tell me YOUR definition of a strong person, what are their traits, why do you see them as strong?


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