Relationships don’t change, people do

You Forgot Your Common Sense

You hear a lot of people (primarily women) say “what you did to get it, you have to do to keep it”. So first of all, until you’ve said “I do” -you’re single, & until that day happens you are dating a representative! I say that because often people get upset because the person they were dating changes, well, that’s because they no longer have to impress, pretend or present you with a picture perfect image. If you were fun, supportive, hardworking for your relationship in the beginning, it is required throughout.  Simple, why would someone who thought they we’re getting one thing stay  for you to become someone else? For that matter they can just be with another person!

Its much like having a job, your ambition, hard work, going above and beyond will land you the job and promotions. When you stop doing those things, you stop…

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