Free (insert convicts name here)

Okay Sugas, I know people are always heart broken when their loved ones go to jail. BUT come on mannn. Your friend, cousin, mama auntie did absolutely nothing??? Just minding their business, being an upstanding citizen and then out of no where just carried off?  -_-

Now I know sometimes people get profiled, their are officers who abuse their power and wrong place, wrong time.

However, in a lot of these cases, no I don’t feel bad, no I’m not contributing to their legal fees, get off my TL with your posts, pictures, t-shirts with this mugshot, stop going through extremes to “make a statement & show support until they get out- “I’m not cutting my hair until they free Kwame Kilpatrick” (you know who you are, you’re going to look stupid at 53 for someone that can’t really help you from where he is).

Now there is nothing wrong with showing emotion or support to that person to let them know you’re going to miss their presence while away, all I’m saying is lets cut the crap.  You’re not convincing anyone the drug fairy came by, the stuff in someone else’s name got picked up by accident, and its not their fingerprints on those 16 guns… Right.

When there is evidence, 100% facts, you’re on video, fingerprints match and the calls/text match your phone & number, they are getting what they deserve. People always want to cry the justice system is flawed and no one does their job until… the police do their job and its your people committing the crime, oh now the police are just picking with you for no reason? Thought they weren’t doing their job.  Everybody want to scream fck the police until its their people getting picked up.

All I’m saying people, stop playing innocent when you know you have criminal friends & family, jail is a risk you take when you decide to walk a criminal path. Yes, they’re going to jail, maybe they will get out- after they serve their time.

“To have once been a criminal is no disgrace. To remain a criminal is the disgrace”-Malcolm X


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