Cute and crazy

One of the questions I got asked recently was “why are the cute girls always so crazy?”

Well simply put- treatment. A lot of attractive women fail to acknowledge the world treats them on a different pedestal.

When you’re used to getting special treatment, not only is anything else a shock, but ends up getting under their skin, no not because they are spoiled (okay, well they are, but they don’t know that) but because they really do believe they are being treated unfairly.

I’ve seen occasions where a woman has been told and definitely believe the fact that having a 1.5 gpa is okay because she’s pretty. There is no need to have talent, common sense, courtesy or survival skills, so long as shes attractive. The problem here: these girls are taught this, typically at an early age.

From what I’ve seen, the girls that actually go crazy are the spoiled girls who know they are attractive and using just that to get what they want, special treatment is an expectation for them, this is their way of life. Cases where they lose their mind is when they meet someone who wants something other than a trophy piece. Making these girls think, work or do anything for them selves causes them to believe they aren’t pretty or think people are just trying to be mean to them by not letting them get away with batting their eyelashes.

Then there are the attractive girls, who also aware of their features who want to make it a point for people to see past the pretty. They go overboard for people to “take them seriously” and have to prove they are smart, hardworking, independent ect. These birds are bat hell crazy just because they read too much into little stuff. These chicks are the ones that have pretty much ruined chivalry and people being nice because they think men are intentionally trying to use them for their looks, thus the phrase thirsty.


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  1. Well it’s like the old saying, Beauty times Brains Equals a Constant. 🙂

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