King or Queen but you can’t be both

A new trend, seemingly set by Beyonce’, has created the title of women calling themselves King, and when you have Beyonce’ money you can call yourself whatever you like, but you birds with foodstamp fantasies need to sit down and come to reality.

There is nothing cute about a female proclaiming to take on the title of a male. Simply because you think being a queen is not grand enough, you can find whats higher to make you feel more important, I’m all for self motivation but remain sensible in the lies you tell yourself to sleep better at night, you still have to wake up to the real world everyday.

Many of you can’t accurately play the role you’re given let alone be a King, a ruler, decision maker, role model, provider? Try controlling your little bail jumpers and maintaining your own house first. Now I get some women are single parents, & you’ve have to do everything, well the King chooses his court wisely, no body told you to sleep with a bum.

There are certain things that become expected of you as an adult. There is no award or acknowledgement for these things, only a label if you fail to meet them. You’re suppose to work to put food on the table, you’re suppose to help your kids with their homework, you’re suppose to pay your bills, you’re suppose to stay out if jail, you’re suppose to know how to take care of yourself, get it? These things don’t make you important, or any type of royalty, they make you a normal, functional, well-rounded person, the closest you come to the throne is the porcelain bowl you’re hugging after “the turn up”.

Why men don’t want to be with a female King? Heterosexual men aren’t trying to date/marry or be with another man! Its amazing to hear women dog males, saying how there are no men left, well its kind of hard for males to be men when you’re trying to take their job, whats left for them to do when these crazy women want to be both a king and the queen?

Simply put, there is no such thing as a female king…so either hold it down as a queen, or admit you’re a man.


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