but isn’t that a “secular song”?

The nerve!! Church people, the- nerve.

Its interesting how some times “Christians” will remind you not to listen to certain music, dress a certain way or do something yet, they’re running both sides. We see you sitting there with the same club stamp we have. No you didn’t take that shot, you just drank it real fast because you were thirsty. 

There is video of a popular bishop who sings a bunch of mainstream songs just replacing certain words with “Jesus, prayer,” 0_o And its the same topic of song he is preaching people need to get away from… Where they do that at? There are 2 lovely girls who remix “Drunk in love”… okay first, these ladies are very talented. However it shows the struggle they face to want to like music outside of gospel and wanting to obviously display their faith.

You wouldn’t even know these artist like that and definitely wouldn’t know the words to their songs if you weren’t listening.  Interesting, you took the time to listen (repeatedly), clearly liked the song, learn the words, then remix it so you can have a cover to allow you to like it. But when your boy did  “I Don’t See Nothing Wrong With Living For Jesus Christ.” His song is the gospel version of R. Kelly’s 1994 sexual-themed hit “Bump and Grind”… Doesn’t the bible say sing unto Him a new song? A NEW SONG!?  Seems to me these have clearly been done already.

Here’s the thing church people, its okay to like the music. Doesn’t make you a bad person, doesn’t mean do what the lyrics say, its okay to like the beat, the singers voice, whatever. It’s okay. When you judge, look down on,cast out, embarrass, or bully people who may not be living the ‘sanctified life’, yes when you somehow twist your behavior,to do the same thing other non-church people do, you set yourself up, because weren’t you just in my face telling me I was going to hell? I’ll meet you there. “But God knows my heart” is not a good excuse or pass, he knows everyone yet you’re the only one making others feel a certain way about their life. 


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