possession is 9/10ths of the law

Okay Sugas, as much as everyone likes being taken care of, morally and with common sense some of you need to chill on what you feel you’re entitled to or how well financially you’re to be taken care of when you’re not contributing in anyway.

Now in a lot of relationships, romantic or otherwise “whats mine is yours” often apply however, never allow yourself to forget who’s it really is, there is only one name on the checks at the end of the day. Typically, I only see this as a problem where there is 1 primary bread winner. Yes relationships are suppose to be 50/50 but when one person is paying for everything, bills, food, cars…ect, realistically the other person just becomes a dependent.

Now if you ask someone out, why on earth are you expecting them to pay? Because you have too much ego to ask them to take you out. When you ask someone out its generally understand YOU’RE treating, and just saying “I want to go out” then staring at them when the bill comes is spoiled and shows your true intentions. 

Here’s what I know, if there is one name on every document, paying for everything, you can have it in your hand, live there, borrow whatever, but don’t get it twisted, its not yours, and if they have all the proof, there will be no problem reminding you they pay for everything.

“Dating or marrying a rich man or woman does not make you successful. Success is not sexually transmitted.” You really want the “equal” relationship, equally bring in and maintain  what the other person is doing, you buy some stuff so your name is on it, and be able to keep from constantly having to borrow from the other person. Just a tip.


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