They’re on to you

Instagram filers, Brazilian weaves, make up contouring, fake boobs, drawn on eyebrows, colored contacts, butt pants and the list continues. Now ladies I’m all for using product enhancers but damn y’all have got to stop tricking dudes out here. Some of you literally go from a 3 to a considerable 7.5 with about an hours time.

The guys are on to it!! Have you heard “B*tches be like” by Rico Love? Chris Brown’s “Loyal”

Bitches be like, Hair done, nails done, But I ain’t got nowhere to stay
Bitches be like, Tonight I’m gonna kill em, Takin pictures with no filter
Bitches be like, Uh it’s a lot of rich n*ggas in the club, I’mma make one of these n*ggas fall in love

Not only do they know the guys know the tricks, some of these dudes know it better than females…You’ve either gotta be more creative or switch it up, no reason they should already know the game plan. And if thats not scary enough for you ladies, consider that men can go to the drug store and build-a–boo! Your appearance, they can go buy themselves!  But S/O to the guys for finally figuring it out!

Now I am NOT saying don’t use some of these products, some women need the extra help,and after all these performance enhancers are created to at least get you noticed enough to sit on the bench.  I’m just saying the sooner you reveal some truth the easier it’ll be for the guys to digest that you really look like Ben Wallace.

And gentlemen, if you meet a girl who has perfect EVERYTHING, always always check to be sure she didn’t perfectly tuck her “business” away too.


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