#TMM 4/15/2014

In case you missed #TMM (Tuesday Morning Meetings) with me on twitter: Brief re-cap with comedian & Streetspeaker Radio host @Kempsaidwhat

 Cleophus “Cut Rate” Jenkins has them Easter suits for sale in the parking lot. Look for the ’72 Electra 225…
 Trevor is painting toes on the 6th floor…you MUST have a nail on your pinky toe in order to get an extra 25% off
   yes our new security guard is 76 with a fake leg, but he can still run a 4.58 in the 40yd dash…
@4gotcommonsense Idk who signed ME up to take the daycare on a field trip but straight to the “just for Jesus” rally- bet u won’t again 
 can you tell Minnie saying “you hoes just gotta go” isn’t really an appropriate way to fire people.

 first aid kit comes w/ 1 dime bag (”for glaucoma”) 2 pregnancy tests, & DNA kit per the suggestion box. You’re welcome

when we find out who been selling fried fish, hair weave & weed outta the company vans….Boy….!!

 we need to discuss the training program apparently the new guy can’t understand “it’s levels to this shit”
  Ray, since your child support payment is more than your check, please go to HR to receive your bill for working here

  Instead of Company shirts this week. We are GIVING away some old NO LIMIT gear we found at a Salvation army ironically.

  Tonya, u know everytime you play “We made it, Nigguh we made it” it let’s us know u was late 4 work….again, right?!?

  Anybody seen that Aretha Franklin “Queen of Swole” sextape yet? No…Nobody…just me?!?

Thats it just a brief snippet people, I can’t fit all that ignorance in one post, next Tuesday meet us on Twitter.


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