You don’t know either

So in a previous post I discuss how women make all these lists & demands of what they want in relationships, but after talking with a friend and him having me listen to a song I realized, guys, y’all are just as lost!

So on the one hand guys want a girl they can take home, who is smart, fun, can cook,  blah blah blah but the first fat ass or huge tiddays that walks by they are on that like stank on shit. Now I get it, Its ass and tiddays!! Who doesn’t like that right?

Girls before you get into your feelings, know nice ass and tiddays are great trophy assets. Something to show off, these girls are all about status, for the most part.  Really great for a few nights, there’s a big difference between what you wife and what you just smash. HOWEVER, if she can also cook, balance a check book & clean- your ass is screwed!

Now the pretty trophy girls are usually easier to deal with because you give them something shiny or with a high end designer label and it’ll keep them quiet and busy for a while. The other girls, with intellect, her own earnings & able to finance herself she’s a friggin hassle! That requires actual time, attention and stuff you can’t buy, after all she can buy it herself.

The great thing about trophy girls is when they start to get on your nerve you can just toss her and go get another. A lot of women from a lot of backgrounds have learned how to squat and that fat ass is showing up everywhere, you can very very easily be replaced. However those college degrees, cooking skills and intellect seem to be dwindling down.

Men, either make up your minds, accept the options you have (sorry) or at the very least, shut up! Every girl can not cook, every girl won’t have a fat ass- deal with it and stop being greedy.

I was told men want a woman that looks like Beyonce’ but acts like Oprah- okay listen, I don’t know where you gone find THAT chick, but if you do- it would be the best decision to hold on for dear life.


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