Forgot something (guest post)

This poem is for all those:

Side chicks that thought
A child would put them in the lead

bruised bags of fruit
Unable to vision any deep than they see
Late for a meeting but 5 hours
Early just to get those 3s.

street rivals possessing
Their mental hood bible
Illiterates by the trifold
Yet know the words of
Their favorite rap idols

Yes. Excuse me…
You forgot something. 

This poem is for
Dumb ass baby mamas
And bitch made mama boys alike.

My Instagram models polluting pictures
With hashtags such as no filter
And all my dope boys
Who idolizes and mirrors scarface
Forget he died at the end.

Excuse me.   You forgot your common sense.


S/O to loyal follower, contributor & great writer O!

And if any of you ever have a topic you want to share or something you’ve written sbmit it here>>>


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