But HE’S thirsty???

Okay so I’ve been watching you birds, and y’all are throwing around that dudes are thirsty when the truth is your poorly executed, self-centered, cries for attention are the actual problem.

If YOU decide to put up pics of something you know guys like, YOU are the one seeking the attention, they’re just reaction to something they like. They weren’t thinking about you until you put it up. I’ve said it before, men like ass and tiddays so if you put them on display why would you expect them not to look?

If you go to a sports event in a dress… not only am I rooting for you to fall but know you are definitely being talked about. (petty, but that happened this past weekend and I was a bit dumbfounded at the sight of a dress at the bowling alley)

If you take a picture and at any point use the caption “I woke up like this”… if you have to announce when you have on no make up- chances are you know with/without it you don’t look like someone else.

If you take pictures/video of you working out… Seriously, how/when do you workout if its a photo-shoot?

Shots of your legs in the tub… Listen I’m really happy y’all at least started washing in that bathroom, but you’re a bold face liar if this isn’t a cry for someone to invite themselves over.

If any part of your ass cheeks can be seen when you wear your “shorts”… – again, men like ass.

If you have on a sundress with no drawls on…

If you take a pic of you cooking- or something “you made”… now this one is getting some of your feelings hurt (look up, “cooking for bae”) but obviously men want a woman that can cook, but trying to advertise this… desperate.

If you walk by the same guy, more than twice while in public… I promise he saw you the first time.

If you sit on a bathroom sink to take a picture…

If you make a conscious decision to put forth these efforts then get mad at the attention they cause I really think you’re a flightless bird. No one asked you to do anything, but you did, any you’re mad at the reaction you set up to get. You set this “trap” cause you wanted attention. Period.

The reason behind this fellas? Validation and attention. Women know men are visual beings, so they feel the need to show you whatever in their life they are trying to convince you on. So when you advertise, who is really the “thirsty” one? The person who likes what they see, or the person who made a choice to display what they figured you’d like?


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