Getting out of the friend zone – for guys

Guys, the first thing when you meet a girl, you have THREE encounters before you begin to slip and either will be dismissed or put in the friendzone. By meeting 3, you need to show / tell her you have interest in being with her. No you’re not someone to just ‘hang’ with, you can see yourself being more than friends. < say this!

Ask her out- don’t make it creepy, “hey lets go on a date” however that’s basically what it will be. The key is 1 on 1 time. at least twice a month.

If she is going through a break up- DISAPPEAR! DO NOT be there for this! She has girls for that, being around to be a shoulder will send you SOOO far back in the zone.

NEVER try to kiss a girl in public- NEVER EVER EVER.

Put yourself in the conversation. Do not just nod & smile when shes talking, about her self. Or whatever the topic is, put yourself in it somehow, it makes her focus on YOU a bit.

Back off, this may not be something you want to do but will be necessary.Give her time to miss you. When she is still contacting you (which hopefully you’re worth missing, if not let it go) Be busy- even if you’re just sitting on the couch playing the game. You need to be swamped for about 3 months, BUT still interested in being with her.  “I’m swamped with work, (enter excuse here) but we need to go out soon” This is human nature, people love the chase, and having whats not theirs.

Workout, one gives her something to look at, and feel when she touches you. Two improves your own swag. If it doesn’t work for her, another female will appreciate.  When she first met you there may not have been any physical attraction- so work on this.

If none of these work, either be ready to walk away or have her hook you up with one of her friends or be a lookout for you when you go out. Having a female on the team can have its advantages.



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  1. 3rdLegKickstand May 7, 2014 — 8:30 AM

    Hmmm. Good good. Okay What if you don’t like her upon meeting her? What if it takes months before you end up liking her and by then you’re already caught in the friend zone?

    According to you we need to set the plan to potentially fuck any and every girl that a guy could possibly fall for in the future. That’s too much to remember.

    I say females stop sticking ppl in the friend zone. And everything would be perfect.

    Fellas if you’re stuck the only way to get out is to put your 3rd leg on her shoulder stare deep into her eyes and ask, “sooo you gonna put your mouth on it?”

    • Well Mr. 3rd leg, guys & girls alike know usually by the third encounter if they want you. Like you said when you first met her you had no interest. So of course you got out there cause you initially had no interest in being otherwise. So YES, if it takes you months to realize you like her you undoubtably will be in the zone, cause you treated her as such.
      I’m not saying smash every female you meet. Cause you won’t wanna do that with every female you meet. But guys generally know if they wanna smash or pass. Sometimes you put your self there by not acting quick enough letting her know that’s where you wanna be. You just proved my hole point, let her know off rip what you want! I wouldn’t quite put it that way, but that’s me, but the idea is the same.

      • 3rdLegKickstand May 7, 2014 — 8:54 AM

        No! Lol
        You can grow an attraction to someone. You said getting out not lower the chances of getting in it.

      • You CAN grow attraction, in which case you need to disappear for a while, then start over new with your new intention right out the gate.

  2. I was friendzoned when I asked her out.

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