Signs you’re in the friendzone

Not sure where you stand? Here are signs you’re headed to a point of no return

For Guys:

She calls you her brother, now this one has gotten tricky cause birds seem to smash dudes then call them brother. *There is a way out of this though, cause generally when you’re seen as a brother, usually means she wants to keep you close but there is someone else currently in the picture.

She doesn’t laugh at your jokes. Any female mildly interested will at least crack a smile, the one that gives you this -_- and can tell you you’re not funny- has zero interest.

If she tries to set you up, or bring up other females, or hell, simply changes the topic. Anything to get the attention off of her and this “more than friends”  you’re discussing.

Give me 50 feet. If there is enough room between you for 2 people- she’s banking those 2 people show up.

After a drink- or 6 she doesn’t get even a bit touchy or googly eyed. Its over pal, pay the bill and drop her off.


 For Girls: (it happens)

He turns down any invitation to do something (other than sex)

You never hear from him, until you make contact, and its short one word answers.

You’re only invited to group outings

He gives you dating advice. Its over girls, pack it up and go.


No effort = not attracted, even on a chill, or “bummy” day there is some effort, smelling good, matching outfit, tight shirt, the smallest detail will reveal.

Don’t worry, I’ll give you some tricks to get out.


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