getting out of the friendzone – for girls

Lets face it girls, you get friendzoned too. Now with guys its usually a little different. Guys can almost always improve and get the girl, women you can’t really “prove” yourself and guys grow attraction.

Right off the bat it was either no physical attraction, or how you were acting. All your goals, morals, 10 year plans, ambition, desires, vacations, where you live, what you want… all out the window. You were cool enough to keep around but thats it. Or you’ve been friends sine toddlers- in which case, yea… let it go. Now these things are considered when immediately introducing the idea.

First thing you need to do, disappear for a while. You definitely need to be missed. Cut all the texting, commenting, retweeting and hanging out. You look desperate and clingy.  Realistically this is the best way. You need to completely go away and come back with a brand new introduction. Make it so they are meeting you for the first time.

When you do go out, get to know his other friends. You don’t have to sell yourself when other people that are close to him will do the selling for you.

Still be a friend- you guys clearly have something in common, play on that. Go to movies or concerts that you normally would, but YOU set some up where you can control who is invited You and him.  This also shows you know how to have a balance, you aren’t afraid to take some control instead of looking to him for entertainment, and you know how to treat. What a girl right?

*side note though, if you don’t know jack about sports- stay away from this topic. You will go back to looking desperate with a pinch of stupid. *

While away work on you. DO NOT chop off your damn hair (they have wigs for that short look if you want),  but play with some new looks, try some things, hit the gym. Even if your guy doesn’t like it, you may come out with some new things you do like. Your friend may have gotten used to your same look you have while around, so switch it up.

touching- you need to be close without being weird. There should be some space between you so its not so obvious but not enough for 2 people to fit in. If you get to dance with him, and he lets you- there’s a small chance. If he says something or gives you a face 0_o although you can put it back that you’re just dancing, you want to see the reaction.

You could just tell them or get them drunk and take full advantage.

Usually when a guy sticks a girl in the friendzone its either a breeze to get out, or you’re serving a life sentence. Thats it. This will help you if you haven’t been friends since you were born.




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  1. This post is the cause of so much laughter. Friend zone: The cause of many great wars. And born in the friend zone?! This world is a cruel one indeed. Ha. But I can get used to a friend that is teetering Between friend and interest to take advantage of me when I am intoxicated.

  2. 3rdLegKickstand May 12, 2014 — 8:45 AM

    Um question. Lol how are you stuck in the friend zone from birth?! 😂😂😂 awe man that’s messed up. And not even just sports. Lol but it’s funny watching females crash and burn. Just watching their vehicle to escape the friend zone reduced to ashes.
    But you are right its either a life sentence or a step to the left.

    *also a fan of the drunk idea*

    • LOL, I hope the ladies see my male readers are OKAY with drunken advances. And why would it be funny to watch that happen?

      • Yes, we most definitely recommend the drunk advance tactic. We like to see the woman take control sometimes. It’s interesting.

        And as for it being humorous, I can understand that 3rd. Some females see that a guy likes something and will say that they are a fan of it. Thee biggest fan at that. For an example, I love football. A girl would call it soccer which is understandable if she is from the states. But when you can’t tell me your top 3 favorite players there is a problem.

  3. 3rdLegKickstand May 19, 2014 — 6:49 PM

    Uh duh. Get me a few shots then grab my penis. That’s the formula!!! But you have to be on the closer end of the fuckable spectrum.

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