These are YOUR kids

IDK who told you to have kids, but you did. YOU did. YOUR kids, YOUR problem(s), YOUR responsibility for a minimum of 18 years.

When you have kids you have to keep in mind the understanding you may never get a night off or alone time. No other person has to relieve you of a night.  If you felt you deserve nights off, breaks help, you should hire out. Its no other person’s responsibility to make availability in their day just because you have a sense of entitlement regarding your responsibility.

Now what caused this conversation was working parents….  Now I get it, you have to work to take care of these kids, an honest response from a job applicant, however all the employer hears is there is a priority over this position. Not hired, sorry they want you to be able to give 100% to work.

Chances are when you interviewed for that job, you told the employer you could work certain times, reliable transportation and would have no issues… until you got that job. Now you leaving early, showing up late, bringing the little bail jumpers into the office and can’t understand why your boss is less than impressed with all these kid excuses or mainly why he/she doesn’t care.

Ummm you were hired to work for them, to play a role in running a company, anything outside of this doesn’t matter, all the boss knows is your ass isn’t at that desk. It’s one thing if taking time off once in a while to stay home with sick kids but once it snowballs to taking time off to take them to dentist and eye doctor appointments, taking time off for PTA meetings, asking to leave early for their sporting events on a regular basis, that can be perceived as excessive. Especially the non-medical reasons could be perceived as taking advantage of a flexible work schedule.

Now should the boss be more flexible? Ehh possibly, because good employees these days are hard to find. But does he/she have to? Not a snow ball’s chance in hell. There are a dozen more of you and some employers don’t mind having to cut to get what they need accomplished when they hired you to begin with.

Its not the owner’s responsibility to take care of your kids, or to even care about them, they care about their business and making sure, just like your family, it continues to operate successfully.

“If you don’t build your own dreams, someone else will hire you to build theirs”




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  1. I never thought about having children in this manner. True; once you have them they are your responsibility. But I’ve hardly ever noticed how parents feel entitled to receive some type of break. I suppose it’s like when some parents try to brag about doing something that they were supposed to be doing in the first place i.e taking care off their offspring.
    Great post.

  2. That could possibly be it, I have had my fair share of “I need a break too” parents who want to have date night, or a night to sleep. Sorry, you don’t HAVE to get that until the kid is old enough on their own. Thanks!

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