hit me then…

This Solange & Jay Z elevator brawl has some of you thinking too far outside the box.  Abuse is abuse, doesn’t matter man, woman, cat, dog, black white blue or  green.  Now should Jay have popped Solange? Maybe, we don’t know what was said in that elevator, I’m sure she had said everything possible to get to him first (females usually try to cut with words first, before they actually try to cut you). Now if she hits him, he must have done something wrong, if he hits her he’s abusive. Guys you are in a lose/lose situation.

The only thing any man is thinking when you get to swinging; “This bitch is crazy”  There IS ALWAYS the urge to hit back. At the point you’ve began stepping like you don’t know him, or like another man, he is ready to treat you as such. It takes more than you know to not pop you right in your mouth. If you go up and punch a man, or woman- at least expect to be hit back.

Now, the idea that women are harmless & not as strong- I’d advise you to let that go, cause women, and the emotions can be deadly. Back in the day a women would slap you and storm off, now… she has a butcher knife, – and you’re just suppose to walk away? -_- What about you little guys that like, “full figured” women- stronger man my ass, I’ve seen these birds sit on you suffocating you an inch within your life.  Now the hits may not have such a impact, but I’m sure there is still some level of pain involved.

There is a big difference between a man just smacking up a woman cause he didn’t like the way she took a deep breath and him reacting when he is being attached by some bat shit emotional woman. It is OKAY for a man to pop you BACK, but this is a response to already haven been hit. The best advice though men- walk away. She can talk until she passes out, get in your face, and call you every name imaginable. You DO NOT put your hands on her until she puts hers on you first. Snapping because you didn’t like being called a name is indeed weak. Words do hurt (your feelings) but they are still just words. If you walk away, then are attacked, you’re protected. Walk away!

There is the idea “real men don’t hit women” real men also don’t sit back and accept (physical) abuse. See women know men “aren’t suppose to hit a woman” , so they feel they can do whatever because “you won’t do anything”. Regardless if its morally or socially acceptable, man, woman or otherwise has a RIGHT to hit you back in self defense, just like you thought it was acceptable to hit them initially, trying to get a response or just being a bully.  I’m sure everyone was taught back in grade school “if someone hits you, then you better hit them back” there were no exclusions, or exceptions because abuse is abuse. Keep your hands to yourself and this wont be an issue.




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  1. 3rdLegKickstand May 19, 2014 — 6:47 PM

    I personally rather not hit a female (unless it’s with my 3rd leg!!!) Lmao. But you’re right. Know I will shake the absolute shut out of a woman depending on how hard that 1st hit was. If it’s something I can brush off… eh whatever immature spare you a black eye. But if you are putting your hands on me like you are a man. I’m going for the kill shot.

  2. Inexcusable. There is no reason what so ever for a man to put his hands on a woman unless lives are in danger. Get mad, restrain her and stop her movements so she can’t hit you anymore. But as far as treating her as if she was a man is not okay at all. At the end of the day, she will stick be a woman.

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