You can look if you want

Okay, this has been requested more than once. Ladies- stop looking for stuff!

The best advice to a snooping girlfriend- at the point you have decided there is something worth chasing, you usually  already know the answer. Why would you hurt yourself? YOU decided there was a reason to snoop around. Its been hidden for a reason (usually so a guy doesn’t get caught and lose you) but a lot of times because guys know whatever it is will cause an issue and you will get hurt. When you go looking, you’re doing it to yourself! Now I get it, you can’t just ignore that something  is wrong or you’ve just gotta know if he still talks to ‘her’.  Some of you aren’t even willing to accept that you may not like what you find.

Once you know- you can never un-know!

Ask yourself this: 1) WHY am I looking for anything?

2) what do I intend to do with this information ( I’m not suppose to have)?

If you wanted to leave anyway, do you really need “proof” to help you make that decision? Just leave!

Usually whatever you “find” will trigger an emotional response. Now you’re walking around slamming stuff, with an attitude saying “nothing” is wrong cause you know you can’t bring it up, because you shouldn’t have had your nosy ass going through his stuff.  Because OH the heads that will roll if you knew he was snooping around your crap. Even if no one is cheating, just having your privacy and rights invaded is just crossing the line.

Ladies, whats the point of investigating and checking that man’s phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, just to cry and STAY?? You’re not going to leave so let that man cheat in peace and save yourself some heartache, cant get mad over what you don’t know.



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