check for the signs

Its hoe week! lol, Sugas, because you asked for it. We’re gonna talk about hoes all week.

Don’t know if she’s a hoe?  :

If there is anything, tattooed above her ass…

If she wants you to buy her something-anything.

Piercings other than ears and maybe the belly button.

If shes “comfortable” talking about sex- all the time, no matter who is around.

Not ticklish- people who are used to being touched in certain areas often lose that ticklish sensation.

Her “friends” are confirmed hoes- even she says they are. Birds of a feather…

Wears color contacts, only the best weaves- there’s a reason she needs to look like a different person.

Kim K. is her idol.

Drinks, a lot. Especially slams dark liquor.

Her career is “model” but hasn’t made it past social sites.

Her partner count is higher than 8.

She’s okay sending nudes.

Always looking for attention.

Gossip, telling & doing, everything, with everybody.

If she reminds you od your status-thats all she’s after.

If she knows all you want is sex, and is okay with that.

NEEDS you for everything.

She says “don’t judge me by my past”- something is back there.

If she constantly doesn’t want to go anywhere, because “the city is too small” or theres “nothing to do”- signs its getting hard to keep up with hoe ways without being noticed.

If she knows, attends every party- or on the flyer.

If RedLobster is “impressive”

If you “took” her from her man- if she cheats with you, she’ll cheat on you.

If she’s smashed any of your friends.

If she says “all guys are the same”- means she’s tried them all.

If her social media includes bathroom butt shots, half naked anything-…

This is just minor things to look for before you make a bad decision, but some hoes are getting good, so tomorrow it’ll be what to notice when its too late and you’ve wifed a hoe.

She and her friends go by Dime pieces, barbies or (bad) bitches.


Remember the woman you choose will be a reflection of what your daughter will be like.

*Get your check appraised… she might not be worth shit.



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